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Manchester SCE Course 11-12 March 2016

Posted by Louise Hunter on 17 December, 2015

This popular course will be held Friday 11th – Saturday 12th March 2016. It is an intensive two-day course intended to help candidates prepare for the Specialty Certificate Examination in Endocrinology & Diabetes.

Please find the programme, registration form and contact details in the attachment below.

Early registration is recommended to avoid disappointment!

Programme and registration details:

UniversityofManchesterSCEcourse2016 (note updated programme 4/1/16)


2 Responses to “Manchester SCE Course 11-12 March 2016”

  1. Hi ,
    Please could you send me some details on how i can register for this course as i am away on annual leave till the 19th of january 2016.
    How can i register for this course?

  2. Louise Hunter said

    Click on the link in the last line of the post, and this should download a Word document with all the information you need.

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